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All Human beings must have a healthy respect for electricity.  Taking the proper precautions BEFORE starting an electrical work will ensure that you avoid accidents and injury.  

The importance of turning off the power to a circuit, and the proper steps to ensure the power is off through the use of testing equipment such as voltage meters or voltage testers.

Everyone wants to know more about the all-important electricity that brings the power to run modern life. To know exactly what your electrician is supposed to do in your house and even be able to troubleshoot minor electrical problems yourself!

You might be wondering!!!!! Handy buddy Best Quality Residential Electrical services

Need to replace problematic or unsafe wiring?

Need new light fixtures?

 Is it time for a brand new switch board upgrade in your home?

Is it Fuse Box Upgrade?

Need Exterior Light fixtures?

Need Flood light fixtures?

Need Pool light fixtures?

Need Garden light fixtures?

Need Fans & Exhaust Fans fixtures or upgrade in your home?

Need Energy Management Solutions?

Always Safe Electrical is on it!

Handy buddy has set the superiority for the very best quality residential Electrical services; we've dedicated team of Trained Professionals, innovative technicians and Operation managers for outstanding services and up-to-the-minute electrical information to each client Handy buddy has always been on giving their customer the best possible experience in home/office/apartment electrical services.

At Handy buddy Electrical, we have a tendency to pride ourselves on forever doing the work right the first each time. We also understand that the upkeep and maintenance of any electrical job round the home or workplace is vital.

As a part of our general maintenance work we inspect for faults, wear and tear, and safety defects. Our Handy buddy Professional electricians are specialists in domestic and business electrical maintenance and can assess and effectively action any repairs, replacements and safety checks. We perceive the urgent nature of electrical maintenance which is why we offer our services around the clock, 24 hours / 7 days every week.